Ceylon Silver Tips

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This high elevation Ceylon white tea was custom made for us with whole white buds capable of multiple infusions. Tender buds with tiny down like hairs are harvested by hand at a very early stage, even before Chlorophyll has started to form. The specific cultivar is called TRI 2043. The buds are withered naturally over a long period of a few days. Care is taken to ensure the buds are not damaged. The results are white colored, down covered buds with an extra ordinary taste. Subtle and yet exceptionally flavorful. Makes a light yellow brew. Use 3 grams (3 teaspoons) for 6 oz water. Wash and prime the buds with hot water. Discharge after 20 minutes. Steep for 8 minutes @ 212 F and repeat for several infusions until the flavor diminishes. Usually at least 3 infusions are possible.
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