Private Label Tea

Private label tea is tea that is imported, blended and packaged by one company, and then sold at wholesale prices to another company, which sells the tea under its own brand name. The customer could be a tea shop, tea room, coffee shop, restaurant, spa or even a gourmet food store. Smaller start ups such as home based businesses and those that sell at farmers markets also fall into this category if they are selling the tea under their own brand name but packaged by another company. 

 The advantage of Private Label to a business owner is that they would not have the need to invest large sums of money importing and stocking numerous teas and possibly flavors and ingredients that would be necessary if they were to do their own packaging.

 Private label done by another company enables the brand owner to focus on sales and marketing and not be concerned with the time consuming and labor intensive manufacturing process. Today, with the advent of the internet more businesses and individuals alike seek out private label manufacturers to do their work while they utilize the internet as a marketing tool to grow their business. Tea being a shelf stable product with a long shelf life is becoming a very popular in this category.

 Businesses and individuals who resort to Private Label can also tap into the expertise of the manufacturer and be guided by trends and their knowledge of best sellers rather than have to resort to trial and error. Overall one can save time and money by using a private label manufacturer.

We offer the finest loose leaf teas and Pyramid tea sachets and delicious Ice teas under your own label. The minimum order is only 8 tins or 8 stand up pouches per flavor. One tin holds 4 oz loose tea or 4 x 1 oz filter bags of ice tea or 20 pyramid sachets. One stand up pouch holds 3 oz loose tea or 4 x 1 oz filter bags of Ice tea or 20 pyramid sachets. Prices start at 4.50 per Pouch and 5.00 per tin for loose tea and pyramid sachets and 3.90 for ice teas. This includes a front and back label with your logo and company information and also a UPC bar code if you need one. We also offer small round tins and envelopes customized for gifts or party favors (ideal for weddings).


We also undertake private label of conventional tea bags in various sizes and cartons, including wood boxes and tins.


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